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  • Series Premiere Date: Jul 11, 2018
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  • Summary: The game show hosted by Kevin Hart features contestants racing through an obstacle course while other four contestants try to knock them off course with.
  • Genre(s): Reality, Game Show

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  1. Jul 12, 2018
    The course has potential to be good, but unfortunately will become sickening after the first episode. I've basically seen it all in ep 1 -The course has potential to be good, but unfortunately will become sickening after the first episode. I've basically seen it all in ep 1 - they should've built obstacles that are easier to change/vary. Even now, they could still definitely change things up (grease some of the shaped platforms, change the types of weapons, etc. but the trailers make me pretty sure this won't happen. Why don't producers understand how big a turn-off this is? Put in ten minutes of extra work before filming each ep, and they could all be at least slightly different. I do like the different items in each pit (though seeing the same everytime will also get tiresome

    Also, five runs stretched into an hour-long show caused some painful pacing. The talking between each run didn't drag-on as much as I had expected, but each run seemed to take forever! It was pretty funny but meh.

    Dunno if budget would've allowed, but it feels like it needs three rounds (a bit like Splatalot), even if the other two were fairly smaller than the one they have here. That would make the lack of variety between episodes a bit more bearable, because at least they wouldn't show each obstacle for sooooo long each week. Plus, it'll be a disappointing episode when all five competitors fail everything spectacularly and one still walks away with the prize. That's why I have my own idea: The first round should start with all five players and have a similar idea to a 'Wipeout' Qualifier - essentially three or four quicker obstacles that competitors only have to try once (so then getting further along into them is actually beneficial to your time. They could use the same "battle stations" that we saw last night (although I hate the hammers that just hit everyone), but have water under every obstacle so that falling is worse for your time than actually doing well. And a long ladder to climb after each one! Top four would go through. Second round could be some sort of "last man standing" comp where competitors have to stand on a narrow beam for as long as they can. They could have two rounds of this game, where the last person standing in each round moves on to the final event. They can each have a bucket of dodgeballs or something to try to knock each other off. After a while, the beam can start shaking or something to get people falling more. Last could be the obstacles they actually have, but with only the top two competing. These people'd both be fairly athletic so I'd have no problem saying that they HAVE to complete each obstacle to move on. The opponent of the person running could run along with the runner and man each of the "battle-stations." This'd be soooo much better (especially with a couple of twists each time).

    They could film all the first rounds one day, film all the seconds rounds the next, and the third round the day after. I see my imaginary first and two rounds sharing the same location - so they could use the "second round day" to dismantle the first course and set-up the final.

    If they wanted to give rewards to people who do well in each round, they could easily do that. For example, fastest in the first course can start a minute later in the second round so they don't have to balance on the beam for quite as long. Maybe the person who wins the first "beam-balancing" round would get 15 seconds off their time in the final.

    This is just a quick idea (maybe will cost a bit more and require more effort, but still, and I think it'd be a lot more compelling than the dirge we watched last night. DO IT!

    [Results Spoiler and final rant coming up}

    There is NO reward for coming up just short of the end on an obstacle. In fact, the obstacles all take so long to get through that failing right at the end is disastrous to your chances at winning - while the people that manage to fall the second they step on the obstacle aren't penalized nearly as much. And on their first try, falling early would help them get back for their second attempt faster, as well. Reaching the second log on the Grinder should be enough to receive the 90 seconds off (as evidenced by everyone but the last girl!). There will definitely be an episode where someone was in position to win it all, but naively goes for the 90-seconds-off disc and then has to try again/take a one-minute penalty when they otherwise would've cleared it and won.

    There's a good show hidden here somewhere, you just have to dig through lots of issues to find it :/.
  2. Jul 11, 2018
    Host has no personality, he swears and yells out sexual jokes. Not funny and not fun to watch. There is lots of loud noise but the obstacleHost has no personality, he swears and yells out sexual jokes. Not funny and not fun to watch. There is lots of loud noise but the obstacle course is boring. I will not watch it again. Expand