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  1. Shyamalan concludes his secret trilogy with a film easier to admire than love. McAvoy is terrific again, but Glass doesn’t quite live up to the lofty heights of Unbreakable and Split.
  2. A spiky, pithy, and unconventional delight.
  3. Gently joyous, from soup to nuts. Take your grandparents and they’ll enjoy it as much as you.
  4. A sweet, evocative throwback that delivers all the feels – in the most delightful way.
  5. Overlong, but Momoa’s charisma, plus first-class fishy FX, keep it afloat.
  6. Despite the odd awkward tonal gear shift, Knight’s origin story makes refreshingly light work of its uphill climb, fuelled by wit and warmth. And – crucially – with better songs on the retro-tape deck.
  7. Wildly inventive, unpredictable, and unhinged, Riley’s genre-bender stands out from the comedy pack.
  8. So damn charming it makes your heart twinkle like Redford's eyes.
  9. A joyful, trippy new incarnation of Spider-Man that you didn’t know you needed, brimming with wit, soul and jaw-dropping visuals.
  10. Ronan is the monarch of the lens in this feisty, feminist royal biopic, which favours queenly clashes over battlefield action.
  11. Blow for blow Creed 2 is a closer match for its heavyweight predecessors than anyone dared hope. Transparently formulaic at times – but boy will it get your blood pumping.
  12. A so-so sequel enlivened by a few inspired moments. Ralph and Vanellope are still good company, but this concept might have worked better as a series of shorts.
  13. Rowling’s universe just got bigger and more complex, but Yates never forgets to sprinkle stardust on top.
  14. A heist movie with serious bite, Widows is both brilliantly tense and strikingly relevant.
  15. This latest Millennium movie smooths out the series’ earlier quirks. But there’s action galore and Foy makes a poised, dangerous heroine.
  16. An all-too-familiar story is told with empathy and vigour in a film arguing for tolerance, activism and change.
  17. Definitely not Killer Queen, but thanks to a blinding turn from Malek, fans of the band will get their kicks.
  18. Fleischer made a better comedy-horror with Zombieland, but Venom’s a decent buddy actioner. You might even laugh your head off.
  19. If the film isn’t quite as inventive as the game-changing horror that was Cabin in the Woods (which boasted Joss Whedon as co-scripter), it’s infused with affection and craft.
  20. An engaging new direction for Eli Roth, who offsets the odd tonal hiccup with plenty of ghoulish delights.
  21. Paul Feig makes a slight gear change for a slick thriller that’s best enjoyed with a martini in hand.
  22. “YOU RIPPED MY FAVOURITE SHIRT!” Cage loses it in a bloody, druggy, superbly crafted revenge thriller. Astonishing.
  23. The latest Halloween installment is fun while it lasts, but unlike its predecessor, it’s not a classic for the ages.
  24. Chazelle broadens his horizons with this superbly detailed account of the Moon landing. Gosling and especially Foy are out of this world.
  25. True, Cooper’s film could do with a tighter edit, especially in the second act, where it has a tendency to drag. But all told, A Star is Born is a big achievement: raw, romantic, tragic, and tumultuous.
  26. What Black’s movie really has going for it is pace. It starts with a crash, followed swiftly by a bang and vast swathes of wallop. The relentlessness doesn’t allow you any time to catch a yawn, but it’s also not too conducive to tension or suspense.
  27. Too rackety and hackneyed to scare, The Nun groans next to the likes of Hereditary. Only the moody, menacing abbey inspires the right levels of belief.
  28. Running from entertaining to tense as hell, Layton’s docu-drama heist flick grapples with something that most capers can’t even begin to compute: consequences.
  29. A retro science-fiction actioner with both brains and brawn – quite a lot of brawn, actually. Surely destined for cult status.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Emmanuel Gras’ film may be a doc, but with its luscious compositions and heart-rending score it plays like some post-apocalyptic Malick movie: thick dust storms, whispered prayers and an aching empathy for people scraping a living amid utter deprivation.

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