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  • Summary: The five-track remastered release of the British post-punk group's first studio session in January 1979 features three previously unreleased tracks.
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  1. Dec 3, 2018
    Far from a superfluous 'for fans only' reissue, this five-track record (which has been beautifully mastered from the original analogue tape) is a little piece of gothic rock history that should sit proudly in the record collection of any fan of The Cure, Joy Divison, Siouxsie and the Banshees et al.
  2. Dec 3, 2018
    One night in January 1979, Bauhaus ventured into the bat cave and came out with a unicorn.
  3. Dec 7, 2018
    Your more serious fans and completists will probably find something like this a welcome addition to their collection. Despite it not offering many revelations or surprises, The Bela Session still serves a fun little snapshot of what was soon to be one of the more creative and influential 80s post-punk bands in their infancy.
  4. Classic Rock Magazine
    Dec 3, 2018
    Bela Lugosi's Dead was a happy accident. The rest of the material finds a band fumbling for direction, even touching on ska, before an eerie delay appeared to invent their sound for them. [Dec 2018, p.93]
  5. Dec 3, 2018
    Only the most diehard Bauhaus collectors need The Bela Session in their shrine.