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  • Summary: The debut full-length release for the Australian indie rock quintet was co-produced with Liam Judson and recorded live in a house in the Australian bush.
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  1. Jun 15, 2018
    Hope Downs more than delivers on the promise of the Melbourne quintet’s two early EPs, doubling down on the melancholy pop it forged on 2015’s Talk Tight and last year’s The French Press while also polishing its sound.
  2. Jun 14, 2018
    Even with the songwriting differences, Hope Downs sounds like a unified partnership between five musicians who've known each other for most of their lives.
  3. Jun 18, 2018
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have more tricks up their sleeves, it seems. For a debut, though, a couple tricks are enough, especially when you’ve already mastered them.
  4. Mojo
    Jun 6, 2018
    Ultimately, the record triumphs via Rolling Blackouts; deep inhabitation of their music, ans the space of its creation. [Jul 2018, p.92]
  5. Jun 19, 2018
    With Hope Downs, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have adroitly taken their trademark sound and expanded it into a thoroughly enjoyable album--and they’ve done it in rapid time.
  6. Jun 15, 2018
    RBCF are a welcome addition to the range of Australian guitar bands taking the world by storm, their confident debut an exploration of angular v. melodic guitars and energetic rhythms.
  7. 60
    It’s a peculiar record and one that involves a push-and-pull between two extremes; on the one hand, the instrumentation is wound tight and built around sharp melodies that, at their best, are difficult to shake off--‘Bellarine’ and ‘Sister’s Jeans’ in particular are real earworms.

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