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  • Summary: Frost is a deck-building, solo survival card game set on a harsh, frozen world ravaged by a lethal storm.
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  1. Aug 24, 2018
    In all Frost is an enjoyable if initially very difficult game that comes crumbling down once you have built yourself up. There’s definitely some enjoyment here and fans of deck building will find the initial strategy very interesting, but survival wise it falls short by simply not giving you anything impactful to latch on to.
  2. Aug 29, 2018
    Great games are supposed to ease you into the experience, to build your confidence and strategy building skills before hitting a steep difficulty curve. Frost does nearly the opposite, simply throwing you in, causing you to lose a lot of games before getting close to the refuge and losing again because of a bad hand. Frost is unforgiving, and worse yet, seemingly more based on luck than skill, which is a shame, as it has a ton of potential otherwise.
  3. Aug 8, 2018
    This game is a like a slot machine that forgot to let the player win every once in a while to keep them playing. All things considered, it’s just a very poor experience; and if you bought the game, I hope you enjoy losing. Don’t give this game a chance because it isn’t going to give you one.
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  1. Jul 21, 2018
    I must admit that I do have a soft spot for deckbuilding game’s but I can also understand why some people don’t like them as well because someI must admit that I do have a soft spot for deckbuilding game’s but I can also understand why some people don’t like them as well because some game’s of this ilk don’t feature much action and instead feature tons of frustration. Frost the new deckbuilding game that’s made its way to the Xbox One thankfully does feature quite a bit of action and not too much frustration and without a doubt as far as the deckbuilding genre goes it’s definitely one of the best the genre has to offer. In a way Frost is unique compared to other game’s of this ilk and the main reason why it’s unique is because the gameplay features a hybrid of different genre’s. These different genre’s in the game combine together really well and when in full flow the game can be pretty fun and exciting at the same time. I would however still recommend that you play the game in short bursts though because despite it being fun and having a decent amount of content for you to get to grips with it can still get repetetive quite quickly. The game can also be a little too difficult as well and I even found it to be quite difficult on the easy setting as well. That being said I still didn’t find my frustration levels getting too high and I think that was mainly down to the strategy elements in the game. Strategy obviously plays a big part in this game and I’m pleased to say that it works well throughout even if there is a lot of randomness present. The randomness is a little bit of a problem at times but I found when competing against the randomness if I managed to win by some good strategy moves I got a great sense of achievement, which is always good. One of the main reasons why I think people don’t like game’s of this ilk is due to the complicated nature of them, but that’s not the case when it comes to Frost. If you’re not feeling confident within the game then you can always check out the game’s excellent tutorial. As far as tutorials go Frost has one of the best because it explains everything in very good detail and without a doubt after playing the tutorial you definitely feel more confident approaching the main game. People who love lots of different things going on in the presentation side of things may be a little disappointed here, but thankfully I enjoyed the simplistic approach they went with in both the visuals and sound design. At the end of the day if like me you have a soft spot for deckbuilding game’s then you definitely have to try out Frost. It’s a game that gets the important aspects spot on and whilst it has a few imperfections it still delivers to you a fun and engaging experience. Expand