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  • Summary: Agony is a first-person, survival horror set in hell. You will begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about your past. The special ability to control people on your path, and possess demons, gives you the measures to survive.
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  1. May 29, 2018
    Controversial, blasphemous, sexualized and generator of agony in the user. Agony can be all these things, as well as an excellent recreation of a particular hell, but quite poor graphics and the simplicity of its game mechanics do not stand out as much as we expected, not even to be considered as a horror game.
  2. May 31, 2018
    Agony has good ideas, but the developers have underrated the complexity of the survival horror genre, and delivered a frustrating experience. Add its poor performance and bugs and you get a forgettable game.
  3. Jun 25, 2018
    Agony promised a lot, but it fell short and failed to meet expectations. Lots of bugs and inconsistent quality.
  4. Jun 5, 2018
    In many ways, Agony delivers an authentic experience of the archaic interpretation of ‘Hell’. Playing this game feels like torture, an exercise in utter tedium as you perform the same tasks and witness the same, ‘gruesome’ scenes. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s that meta, it simply tries too hard. Squandering any potential it might’ve had, the result is a shallow, monotonous experience that’s not worth your time.
  5. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Jul 23, 2018
    Laborious and horribly put together, Agony really will put you through hell. [Aug 2018, p.78]
  6. Jun 23, 2018
    Agony clearly deserves its name. The gameplay mechanics are chaotic, at best, the AI is plain dumb, the level-design is muddled, the scenario is boring… Well, there’s nothing to save here.
  7. Jun 1, 2018
    The best-case scenario for Agony is that patches fix the many technical problems plaguing this game right now. If or when that happens, it will then start to be playable, but even then it will contain a host of gameplay issues. A patch isn't going to redesign the entire stealth system, find new voice actors, or design a vision of Hell that is better than the doodling of a 15-year-old metal fan. There's no fix for much of what hinders this game, and what can be fixed absolutely should have been before this ever hit stores. One thing is clear, it definitely feels like Hell trying to play Agony.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 7
  2. Negative: 2 out of 7
  1. May 29, 2018
    Great game! very scary and lots of gore and nudity. I start second playtruh
  2. May 30, 2018
    Авторы Agony и авторы
    Requiem: Avenging Angel не побоялись показать истинный ад. Только за это они уже заслужили оценки в 10/10. Надеюсь они
    Авторы Agony и авторы
    Requiem: Avenging Angel не побоялись показать истинный ад. Только за это они уже заслужили оценки в 10/10. Надеюсь они поднимутся.
  3. May 29, 2018
    It's a good time if you enjoy first person horror and aren't looking for anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay or graphics. Gameplay isIt's a good time if you enjoy first person horror and aren't looking for anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay or graphics. Gameplay is much like Alien: Isolation; controls are simple, player power is limited but it does feel sluggish and unresponsive from time to time. Visually it looks ok, environment and character textures could be better however. Currently it runs rather poorly; occasional screen tearing and drops in the frame rate break any immersion and near constant audio bugs causing the first line of dialogue to loop or in the worst cases turn literally all in game sound into static.

    Definitely worth playing, but perhaps you should wait for them to patch the bugs and maybe try to catch it on a sale.
  4. Jun 8, 2018
    Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be
    but still annoying Agony is a 12 hour long horror stealth game where you play as a spirit
    Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be
    but still annoying
    Agony is a 12 hour long horror stealth game where you play as a spirit trying to get out of hell
    you start inside of a body and youll run into creepy characters as youre running through the beginning area collecting an offer to unlock the gate and move on…
    things are enjoyable and creepy enough at first.. feeling like this is going to be some demonic walking simulator..
    and then demons are introduced.. you’re thrown into a maze to collect 4 skulls and this is when you realize you’re in for a bunch of trial and error stealth frustration…
    This games biggest problem is that it lacks polish..
    though the developers clearly tried to make a good game here.. it doesn’t feel rushed through the entire journey… it feels a bit like an ambitious try from fans of demons and such…..
    naked body parts and blood all over the place
    There are mirrors here which act as your checkpoint.. they have to be found though, they don’t automatically activate… you can punish yourself by making them break when you die 3 times, but I kept that feature off.. I kept it as a respawn point… and every spot in the game except for this beginning maze progress is saved even if you die…
    but no progress being saved here makes this probably the hardest part of the entire game.. its right at the beginning. So if you get past this you’re pretty good to go…
    then the game gets into a lot of finding the right symbol to draw on a wall and break a seal while of course there are enemies around that cant see.. but they feel heat so you have to be carful with torches, and they have insane hearing…
    going through this world is actually enjoyable.. every location feels unique and challenging..
    the objective is mixed up between finding items finding the correct symbol and pure stealth…
    and if youre caught.. youre not out of the game yet.. there are characters crawling all over these levels, and if you interact with them youll pull la bag off of their head.. this allows one of these lucky folks to become your new body.. if you die you have a limited time to get to one of these bodies or be taken all the way back to your last checkpoint… and by limited I mean very limited…
    and towards the middle of the game youll even be able to possess the demons…
    the issue with this game though is its mechanic balancing that stops the game from being as fun as it could be.. that makes this game a frustrating chore..
    There are bugs here where in the maze my character wouldn’t squeeze into a hiding spot.. I got caught on a rock,, the game froze multiple times in the same area not activating a cutscene causing me to lose tons of progress.. but brokenness and bug aside..
    the mechanics feel as though they were made to intentionally infuriate the player..
    you have a stamina meter… which feels pointless because of how fast it runs out..
    you’ve got about 10 seconds of run time.. not nearly enough to run from an enemy that has spotted you.. this means no intense or thrilling chases.. no stories of that time the demon was so close to getting you but you got away.. if youre spotted youre dead.. so its basically here just to help make running through levels a little faster.. but again you get like 10 seconds and it takes another 20 to cool down..
    when you do die, again you have a limited time to find a new body which fine… what isn’t fine is that the game also later ads soul eaters that mean insta death with no warning, no way around them.. they just randomly catch you…
    when youre a demon you have a limited amount of time though your time is increased by eating humans.. problem is there isn’t nearly enough humans for you to continue as a demon for more than a few seconds.. theres rarely even a new body around to possess once time is up
    making this mechanic feel practically useless… if you are a demon and manage to make a great deal of progress you cant interact with collectables or even checkpoint mirrors…
    the mechanics just go against the potential fun of the game making it really hard to enjoy at times..
    though I did ultimately still enjoy this game..
    this by no stretch is a must play game, however I feel like its being unfairly represented as some awful game that it isn’t..
    it has its problems.. but there was heart put into this game
    I give Agony
    a 6.5/10
  5. Jun 8, 2018
    Game’s that are genuinely scary are very few and far between, well that’s the case for me anyway because there isn’t many game’s that haveGame’s that are genuinely scary are very few and far between, well that’s the case for me anyway because there isn’t many game’s that have genuinely frightened me during my year’s as a gamer. Agony is a game that can be included in the very small list of game’s that have actually scared me though, but unfortunately the game just has too many problems and in the end that’s all I remembered about Agony. As I’ve already said this game did frighten me and the atmosphere the game creates is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced before. In fact this game on the whole is like no other game I’ve ever played before and if there weren’t abundance of problems in play at the same time then it would’ve got a much higher score from me. Unfortunately anything good the game does is quickly bogged down with problems and the technichal issues in the game are rife. Some of these technichal problems are small but when they combine together they ruin the immersion levels quite considerably. This isn’t good because the gameplay also has multiple problems and when you combine that with the other problems you literally just feel like giving up. In fact I actually did give up several times and that was mainly due to the frustrating level design. You would think that the frustrating level design would be more than enough to get you really mad but the game doesn’t stop there. Instead the game basically just doesn’t tell you what to do and in the end you just wander around aimlessly getting killed multiple times because you have no idea what to do next. You would think then that the stealth mechanics would stop you from experiencing these cheap deaths, but unfortunately that’s not the case. The stealth mechanics in the game hardly ever work and when you combine it with the several technical issues you just end up getting caught and killed time and time again which in turn just made me get angry time and time again. Thankfully though it’s not all doom and gloom and as I said earlier the atmosphere the game immerses you in is very good, and that’s mainly down to the good sound design and voice acting. Unfortunately though the visuals that are present in the game don’t help with the immersion levels and on the whole the game just looks ugly with not a lot standing out. At the end of the day I would definitely recommend that you play this game where no children are present because it’s brutal to say the least. It also has a few unique ideas as well but unfortunately I can’t recommend Agony to you because it just suffers with a huge amount of problems that hold the game back in every single way and that’s all you’ll remember about the game. Expand
  6. May 30, 2018
    Agony's title speaks for itself in the respective fact that this game is absolute agony to play through in it's day one form. Let's start withAgony's title speaks for itself in the respective fact that this game is absolute agony to play through in it's day one form. Let's start with the cons because oh god there are plenty. I was honestly awaiting years upon years for the release of this game because it looked like one of those underdog games to just step on AAA titles. Come release day, Agony was the game to be crushed.

    The biggest issue with Agony, which the devs already addressed is the audio bugs. Most of the game you'll hear anything from cutscene audio playing 5-10 minutes after the cutscene happened to cutscene/npc audio cutting out midway through whatever it was they were saying. On top of the audio issues, there was some screen tearing for me on the Xbox. It wasn't as game breaking as the audio issues however.

    Next issue; it's 2018, for no reason whatsoever should we have to endure games that look like the're a decade old in 2018. The graphics are mediocre at most. The martyr (people you control as a lost soul in hell) textures are horrendous. If you take the time to look at one of them, it looks like they dont know what facial expression to make. On top of that, they just look downright awful. The enemies look okay, but not much better than the rest of the characters in game.

    Gameplay is meh at best. It's nothing new, nothing extraordinary, nothing revolutionary. It's essentially a bad knock off of Outlast but set in Hell. The game does do a good job at providing a horrific environment that keeps you on edge about half the time, The other half just feels empty and unfinished as if the devs rushed the final product of what could've been a much better horror survival game.

    The only good things going for this game however is the shock value and the overwhelming, almost too much to stomach environment. Agony does a really good job at creating a portrayal of Hell. If Hell looks like what it does in Agony, I do not want to end up there. Also, if you're into gore, shock value, nudity, over sexualized tones, and an insanely biblical game then Agony is just right for you. But based on its bland gameplay, unpredictable AI (that make it apparent that it's just better to die than hide), outdated graphics, and bugs on bugs, agony falls short. Very short.

    As someone who has watched this game come together piece by piece after seeing it's initial reveal, I couldn't have been more disappointed in a game on release. It definitely feels unfinished, which shows later in the game. It also feels outdated when it comes to gameplay and graphics. I couldn't give Agony anything higher than a 4/10. It's that bad. Even if the audio bugs are fixed it's still a bland game over saturated with grotesque creatures and scenes just for shock value.
  7. Jun 14, 2018
    Throughout our lives, everyone will make mistakes, even when all signs point to failure. Blame it on too much to drink, high hopes, or simpleThroughout our lives, everyone will make mistakes, even when all signs point to failure. Blame it on too much to drink, high hopes, or simple ignorance, rest assured it is going to happen. My (Chad's) most recent mistake was purchasing Agony. Despite the horrible reviews, I still gave it a shot as it was one of my most anticipated games of the year. I spent hours reading reviews, watching streams, and praying for a console patch, which was released prior to my purchase. Sadly, much like Manhunt 2, it feels like too much of an effort was put into censoring the title late in development, failing to add the much needed polish that would’ve elevated the game to the level shown in the early trailers.

    Agony takes no time putting you in the depths of Hell, which looks amazing at times, particularly when the player is standing still. Everything shines as if covered in viscera and gore, which paints a startling depiction of what Hell is meant to be. After a well animated, although slightly jerky cut scene, you’ll awaken as a new denizen of Hell in search of the Red Goddess, who can supposedly allow the unnamed hero (or villain) a way out of Hades. Throughout your journey, you’ll meet other doomed residents of purgatory as well as some less than friendly vagina-with-teeth-faced demons.

    While these demons are terrifying to look at, they are frustrating as all Hell to deal with. They are blind and rely strictly on sound to locate you. If successful, they will make quick work of you, resulting in you being kicked from the host body you inhabit, requiring you to find a new body, or be kicked back to one of the misplaced checkpoints. There are plenty of hosts around, but prior to being able to possess them, you have to remove these dark hoods that cover their heads. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the demon’s make the often unfair Xenomorph from Alien Isolation seem dumb. For being blind, they have pinpoint accuracy, which is frustrating to say the least. It wouldn’t be so bad if your character didn’t walk like a dazed and confused snail, who has no means of defense aside from throwing the occasional torch (which leaves you to wander about aimlessly in near pitch black areas). Pouring salt into the literal wound, the animation that ensues when you take over a new host is overly lengthy. I was killed three times back to back prior to regaining control of the new host, leading to me running out of hosts in the area, resulting in being transported almost to the beginning of the game.

    The checkpoint system is interesting, but unbalanced. To activate a checkpoint you simply need to interact with an eerie shrine of sorts, comprised of a head in the center of a circle of severed arms. You can respawn here a total of three times, and if you exceed this, you’ll be kicked back to your previous checkpoint. If the game was not as punishing, this would be a nice way to encourage risk vs. reward gameplay, but with the way the rest of the mechanics work, as well as the uber confusing level design, this becomes an annoyance quite early. The rest of the gameplay is simply wandering around the labyrinthine maze searching for body parts that act as keys, or deciphering runes which act as puzzles. These have been a common complaint across the review scene, as they are extremely obscure and clunky in the control department. All in all, this is a glorified walking sim with little to offer aside from the insane visuals.

    The visuals are indeed amazing… when the game is still. Almost every scene, including the title screen, has screen tearing issues and framerate hiccups galore. These issues render the game almost unplayable. Agony has some truly disturbing images, ranging from dead babies hanging from the ceiling, “genital physics” which work about as well as the bouncing beach balls found in the Dead or Alive franchise, and horribly disfigured vaginas that make a blue waffle look like a normal breakfast. It really saddens me that the gameplay is this awful, as the environment truly stands out as the high point and was one of the biggest selling points for me.

    Sadly, the aforementioned issues are not the only things that fail on an epic level. Early into the game, I experienced a bug that sounded similar to a Nine Inch Nails CD that had been scratched to Hell and back on repeat. No matter what I did or where I went, this was a thing. I went as far as quitting the game and starting it over, resulting in the sound starting back up as soon as the title screen popped on my Xbox.

    All of these issues resulted in me contacting Microsoft customer service and requesting a refund pretty early into the adventure. While I have heard that the PC version is at least playable, the console versions are packed full of bugs. I would not recommend Agony at all, even for free.