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    • Release Date: Apr 11, 2018
    • User Score: 8.0
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Image
    An independent game from Ninja Theory - makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West & DmC: Devil May Cry. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice...More »
    • Release Date: May 15, 2018
    • User Score: tbd
    Forgotton Anne Image
    Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited...More »
    • Release Date: May 10, 2018
    • User Score: 8.0
    Laser League Image
    Blink and you are dead! LASER LEAGUE is the new last-word in high-speed, future-sports team action. Battle against the opposition for control of...More »
  1. Assassin's Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs Image
    Bayek travels to Thebes to investigate an ancient curse that’s plaguing the region. The Curse of the Pharaohs focuses on Egyptian mythology,...More »
  2. Far Cry 5 Image
    Welcome to Hope County, Montana. This idyllic location is home to a community of freedom-loving people - and a fanatical doomsday cult known by...More »
  3. Ys Origin Image
    700 years before the events of Ys I & II, the land of Ys was on the brink of destruction. Demons came in droves and forced the twin Goddesses...More »
  4. Super Mega Baseball 2 Image
    The makers of Super Mega Baseball have returned with a brand new, streamlined baseball simulator that’ll keep you coming back for more....More »
    • Release Date: Apr 10, 2018
    • User Score: 5.5
    Owlboy Image
    Owlboy is a vertical platform adventure set in the sky, where the islands of the world have been spread apart after a great calamity. You play as...More »
  5. The Council - Episode 1: The Mad Ones Image
    The Council is a unique episodic game. Delivering a fresh take on the narrative adventure, your choices and character growth truly matter.More »
    • Release Date: Apr 3, 2018
    • User Score: 8.1
    The Adventure Pals Image
    Your birthday is ruined when your dad is dad-napped by a madman. Now you, your pet rock, and Sparkles the giraffe will have to fight your way...More »

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