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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
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  1. 95
    The Sega Genesis Classics is a must own on your Switch. I would recommend buying it digitally so you can have all of these games available at any time without having to swap out a cartridge. Knowing that anytime I have my Switch out of the house, I can easily pop off the Joy-Con and jump in a quick match of Virtua Fighter 2 with my friends is a game changer.
  2. Mar 25, 2019
    Some of the included titles haven’t aged nearly as gracefully as others, but gamers of all ages should have no problem finding something they’ll enjoy here. Sega Genesis Classics is a worthy tribute to Nintendo’s greatest competitor, and a must-have title for Switch owners.
  3. 90
    Ultimately the only complaints that I can levy against SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection are that there is not quite enough icing on what is an admittedly very generous cake. With this compilation you’ll be getting 50 games at an absolute steal – and while some of them are historical curios that won’t be worth your time, most are fantastic.
  4. Dec 28, 2018
    Unlike the recently released PlayStation Classic, SEGA Mega Drive Classics has had the effort put in to ensure that there is enough depth and optimisation to keep all players happy.
  5. Dec 12, 2018
    Like any compilation, SEGA Mega Drive Classics consists of games ranging in quality from classic to just plain terrible and everything in between. That being said the good definitely outweighs the bad here and while it’s a shame this bundle is missing some key Mega Drive releases there’s still plenty of fun to be had experimenting with its fifty plus catalogue.
  6. Dec 10, 2018
    What really matters is that the emulation in SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Classics is of a high standard, and the range of games included is pretty great.
  7. Dec 3, 2018
    While not everything is a classic and there’s a few notable omissions, this is still a great mixture of genres couple with neat emulation gimmicks. For Nintendo fans, it’s also a great time travel machine back to see just how the other lived during the great console war.
  8. Nov 29, 2018
    As it was on PS4, Xbox One and PC, this collection is really cool. The fact that it's now portable thanks to the Nintendo Switch makes it even cooler, but we really miss the two Wonderboy games, that mysteriously disappeared from this Switch version.
  9. Nov 28, 2018
    With beautiful presentation, fantastic emulation, and the potential for co-operation, this is a great collection for those who have fond memories of the old-school.
  10. Nov 28, 2018
    Quotation forthcoming.
  11. Nov 28, 2018
    This is a compilation that, in addition to collecting the essence of the beginning of the 90s and expressing it in the future, incorporates a variety of ways of playing, achievements and online game, which gives a perfect excuse to veterans to go back in time.
  12. Nov 28, 2018
    SEGA's had more than one stab at creating a comprehensive collection of its best Mega Drive titles and, as a result, SEGA Mega Drive Classics does lose some of its impact due to sheer familiarity; for example, we already have an immaculately-ported version of Sonic on the Switch eShop right now. Even so, it's hard to argue with the 50-odd games that ship with this new compendium, and only a fool would contest the fact that it showcases some of the best games of the 16-bit era.
  13. Dec 17, 2018
    A nice collection of classics that will take you to an era where the fight between Nintendo and Sega was at its peak.
  14. Nov 28, 2018
    Even if aspects like online multiplayer, graphic filters and general presentation have been taken care of, the absence of really interesting extras makes this project a kind of wasted opportunity.
  15. Nov 28, 2018
    A pretty good collection for retro gaming fan despite it lacks of some great titles like Ecco the Dolphin, Outrun or Afterburner. Still plenty of hours to play with all the 53 games included.
  16. Jan 18, 2019
    The emulation is perfect, the extra features are great and the Switch is the perfect system for this bit of nostalgia. Unfortunately, the collection of games is a little lacklustre, with the real standouts games that we’ve seen bundled together many times before.
  17. Dec 10, 2018
    At the end of the day, even with the lack of notable Sega classics, games removed from previous collections and the weaker titles chucked in there, there is still a lot of good Sega games and some oddities worth playing at least once. There are hours upon hours of gameplay here, all the RPGs could keep you going until the next time Sega re-releases them. For the price, you’re getting a lot of great Mega Drive games. Hopefully, any future collection will give us games from other points of Sega history (Jet Set Radio Future please).
  18. Nov 28, 2018
    Having spent a good amount of time across other collections on the system and even Nintendo’s NES Online app, this is easily the worst collection of older games on the Switch in terms of overall feel. While it has loads of games for the asking price, I would rather spend more and buy quality releases piecemeal or buy another collection for the Switch where there is a lot more to the release than just old roms with a few extras.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 19 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19
  1. Jan 8, 2019
    Bought this collection mainly for the Shining series and Phantasy Star series (against my better judgment, since I have a family now andBought this collection mainly for the Shining series and Phantasy Star series (against my better judgment, since I have a family now and really should not be spending my time level grinding). It's a great collection of titles. Unfortunately I agree with the review by mock1981 that the input lag is a real issue for the platformers, especially the Sonic titles, making them not very enjoyable. I have played it docked and in handheld, with similar lag. I tried playing in airplane mode (recommended on a reddit thread as a way to decrease lag) but didn't seem to help. I would not recommend this collection if you're buying it for the platformers, due to the lag/latency. It's less of an issue for the RPGs of course, so those are still fun, and pretty much how I remember them. Full Review »
  2. Dec 12, 2018
    A Fantastic collection to have on the switch! 50 amazing Sega Genesis games to be played when and where you want! Only on Nintendo Switch! TryA Fantastic collection to have on the switch! 50 amazing Sega Genesis games to be played when and where you want! Only on Nintendo Switch! Try playing these with a classic controller! Full Review »
  3. Dec 11, 2018
    Love this collection. I think I've purchased every single one of these Sega collections since the PS2 era (though I never got it on the PSP,Love this collection. I think I've purchased every single one of these Sega collections since the PS2 era (though I never got it on the PSP, which was its first portable manifestation). Yes, it's true that Wonder Boy, which was in the PS4/XOne versions, is missing here. But you know what? That isn't deal-breaking for me like, say, what PlayStation did with their PSX Classic Mini's game list changes. I love so many of the other games, that if I wanted to play Wonder Boy so bad, I'd just play it on PS4 or PC.

    So I would say the following as for whether or not you should get this at $30:

    - Did you grow up playing mostly on the Genesis/MegaDrive?
    - Are you a fan of Sonic, Golden Axe, Shining, Decap Attack, Streets of Rage?
    - Do you prefer to play the Switch in mobile mode?
    - Do you have $30 but don't know where to spend it and are not a huge fan of very well-made indie Roguelike/Metroidvania titles like Cave Story, Shovel Knight, Dead Cells, Celeste, or SteamWorld Dig?

    If you answered Yes to 2 of these, then you should consider the game. Extra points if one of the two was the one about using the Switch mostly in portable mode.

    If you answered No to the last one, know that you could probably get two very good Metroidvania style games for the price of this collection, and you wouldn't regret it... especially if these two are something like Celeste, The Messenger, Shovel Knight, or Dead Cells.

    In either case, understand that these games will FEEL like you are playing Genesis. They will not feel, for the most part, like you are playing one of these 90s inspired indie games from the last 10 years. A lot of people sadly buy these collections and then feel let down by the pacing of some of these games. That being said, games like Alien Soldier or Comix Zone have pacing comparable to a lot of Action Platformers these days.

    As a side note: I don't understand what the other user is saying when he's asking for a MegaDrive collection instead of Genesis, as the Sega Genesis IS the MegaDrive (that's just the NA name versus the name in, say, Europe). It's possible he/she means the MasterSystem, which was Sega's answer to the NES. And as for the Saturn... there just aren't enough great games on that system to warrant making a smoothly running emulated collection. Just not worth the resources, especially when some of the best Saturn games weren't even exclusives or 1st party titles. Maybe Panzer Dragoon titles, but those were like, top of the top of the line on Saturn. The console just didn't get a chance to even start. As for Master System, I totally agree. There are some wonderful games on that. Truly.
    Full Review »