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  1. 100
    Octopath Traveler is a beautiful game that somehow never gets tired. It has a labyrinthine plot that bravely attempts to give eight characters the same scope and development as eight sole protagonists would get in lesser games. It’s also a game that bravely makes the story all about those characters, with the world, harsh as it can be, almost secondary to the insular unit and their individual arcs. That sheer ambition is all the more impressive because Octopath Traveller uses sprites. Little 2D characters made up of even littler squares. People need to play this game if only to realise that not everything spectacular needs to be photo-real.
  2. Jul 12, 2018
    Among all the virtues outlined in this review, three of them must be emphasized: you can discover a fantasy world better than ever with the ramification of stories, the strategic combat system and the beautiful artistic style, which create a really innovative, unique and highly recommended game.
  3. Jul 12, 2018
    An exceptional game in each and every one of its sections, a near-masterpiece.
  4. Jul 16, 2018
    If you have a Switch and like JRPGs, then Octopath Traveler is a game you cannot miss. This is the next gen classic RPG we have been waiting for, a fusion of retro, indie, and modern design that could only be played now, and could only be appreciated because of the games that came before it.
  5. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a JRPG dream come true. Both its battle system and aesthetic pay loving tribute to the Super NES era while moving the formula forward in exciting and novel ways. This isn’t merely a modern retread of past classics, but a phenomenal homage with genuinely fresh ideas in a fantastically charming wrapper of old-school meets new. While the eight different character stories could’ve used a little more connection between them, I’m looking forward to going back to complete them all, explore the many side areas, battle optional bosses, and unlock the final job classes.
  6. Jul 12, 2018
    There are many reasons to consider Octopath Traveler as one of the best games available for Nintendo Switch. An interesting story put together with several charismatic characters. A deep and addictive battle system as well as both excellent visuals and audio working together to create one the best releases of the year.
  7. Jul 16, 2018
    A spectacular tribute to the 16 bit-RPG classics. Also, Octopath Traveler has its own ideas, with a spectacular combat system, great storytelling and graphics that will melt your heart.
  8. Jul 12, 2018
    Long, deep, and with a combat system tailored to perfection. Octopath Traveler is an almost perfect ode to the old school RPGs.
  9. Aug 30, 2018
    While not the perfect JRPG, Octopath Traveler has too many merits and good qualities that it's impossible for me to not recommend it.
  10. Aug 7, 2018
    The narrative and character interaction leave a bit to be desired, but the overall quality of the game overshadows its deficiencies.
  11. Aug 1, 2018
    Octopath Traveler has some quirks. Its storytelling is a little underdeveloped, and its progression is a little unusual. But where it lacks in some areas, it more than makes up for in others, with its mechanical systems some of the best seen in the genre in years. It's a long game, and it will require a lot of attention, but if you have the time and attention to give it a fair go, you won't walk away disappointed.
  12. 90
    With an amazingly addictive battle system, interesting stories and a beautiful world that I wanted to (and was encouraged to) explore inch of, this is a special adventure that feels like playing a classic Final Fantasy for the first time, but with the gameplay and presentation benefits of an extra 20 years or so of progress.
  13. Jul 23, 2018
    Octopath Traveler lovingly embraces old-school RPG conventions while offering its own refreshingly modern take. Through placing sprites in 3D environments, incorporating a separate storyline for each party member, and spicing up battles with fist-pumping turn-based combat, Square Enix makes bold choices to reinvigorate the genre. Thankfully, many of them pay off, resulting in a game that has tugged at my heartstrings and fully engaged me to follow the paths of these eight wayfaring travelers.
  14. Jul 23, 2018
    There wasn’t an hour of gameplay in Octopath Traveler I can say that I didn’t enjoy, which is a feat all its own.
  15. Jul 19, 2018
    A beautiful and modern JRPG that stays true to its roots. It can feel repetitive at times, but the amazing combat, heartfelt stories and extraordinary soundtrack counteracts its structural issues in almost every way. This is a definite must-play for Switch owners.
  16. Jul 19, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a sublime mélange of classic role-playing sensibilities and modern conveniences that speaks to this RPG aficionado's soul.
  17. 90
    As a long time fan of the genre, this is the game I’ve been looking for all season. I’m playing an epic JRPG in the heat of the summer. Just as it should be.
  18. Jul 17, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is an extremely satisfying storytelling experience vastly different from other traditional JRPGs out there. The eight stories followed over the course of the game are all compelling in different ways, and each is engrossing in different ways. The combat is simple, yet nuanced, and building party compositions never stops being a fun exercise as the adventure presents each new challenge. The pacing does have some small missteps here and there, especially as the world opens up between each major act, but it's a tiny hurdle in an otherwise magnificent experience.
  19. Jul 16, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is an incredible combat system, a juicy progression tree and a gorgeous setting wrapped in the trappings of a traditional RPG.
  20. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler isn’t a great game, it’s even better than that. It’s a beautiful, deep and well-written game that fuses old stuff and new ideas with such talent that every J-RPG fans will fall in love.
  21. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a love letter dedicated to the gamers of the 16-bit era. Adult narrative, strong exploration, epic battles and an unforgettable music that reminds one of the feeling of some of the best J-RPG titles.
  22. 90
    It’s an elegant game packed with serene melodies, a simple yet deep combat system, and a stunning world to explore. The end result might not be the modern classic so many hoped for, but Octopath Traveler is an excellent RPG that’s only major sin is a loose story structure.
  23. Jul 12, 2018
    When old game mechanics and modern sensibility merge in such a glorious way, a smile appears on the faces of a million JRPG fans: Octopath Traveler is an excellent throwback to a time when a whole world was stuffed into a tiny cartridge. After the two Bravely games, we really hope to see more in the future from Takahashi-san and his team.
  24. Jul 12, 2018
    Classic-inspired gameplay, an orchestrated soundtrack, and a unique approach to storytelling make this a game that you won’t want to miss. This is an absolute must buy.
  25. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler feels like a much more personal collection of tales that might go against what you'd typically expect from a JRPG. More than anything else, the way the characters fall together feels like coincidence rather than providence, and the game is far more concerned with telling intimate stories about grief, friendship, adventure, and redemption. You might not get to save the world, but there's joy to be had from just helping out someone in a bind and learning more about the deep history of Orsterra as you go. For what it sets out to do, Octopath Traveler excels.
  26. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler may not be the new Final Fantasy VI, but it is no doubt a great game. With an astounding presentation and a fantastic combat system, fans of traditional JRPG should not look any farther.
  27. Sep 13, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is unapologetically old-school, and would not have been out of place if it had released back in the golden age of JRPGs.
  28. Jul 28, 2018
    Octopath Traveler modernizes the golden formula of Square’s RPGs from the SNES era, and by doing so delivers a traditional yet fresh JRPG.
  29. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a show for the eyes as well as for the heart, especially for the fans of a genre that is slowly disappearing.
  30. Aug 20, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a classic JRPG which reminds me some former masterpieces like Romancing SaGa and Final Fantasy VI. I really appreciate the idea of using 8 characters to tell stories, and the unique talents that every character has. But I still think the storyline could be better, and these characters could have more interaction.
  31. Jul 20, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is the magnificent missing link between pixels and polygons. It is game full of nostalgia with an incredible art direction, deep and addictive combat, a soundtrack worthy of the Squaresoft legacy and a lengthy although somewhat disjointed story line. If you are an old school player that enjoyed a classic JRPG , this game is definitely made for you and you will appreciate immensely. If you are new to the genre, it is a great opportunity for you to get to know turn based combat games, pixel art, and understand what all the fuss is about.
  32. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler has several flaws, especially in the narrative component, but still remains a beautifully presented game, with tons of good ideas.
  33. CD-Action
    Oct 25, 2018
    You can either hate Octopath Traveler’s art direction or love it, but it definitely will not leave you indifferent. Distinct visuals are just one of the game’s many strengths which make it a feast for the fans of jRPGs – and much more than that. It’s not flawless though – the dungeons are bland and there are virtually no relations between the characters in your party as they don’t communicate almost at all. [09/2018, p.66]
  34. NF Magazine
    Sep 5, 2018
    Octopath Traveler should be recommended and lauded as one of the best on the Switch so far. [Issue #35 – September/October 2018]
  35. Aug 9, 2018
    Just as Bravely Default before it, Octopath Traveler is a reimagining of a classic formula, packaged to feel new and exciting. Even though the issues with its character interactions and lackluster dungeon designs holds it back from true greatness, the likeable cast of characters and a deeply satisfying combat engine makes it one that’s easily recommendable to just about anyone with a Switch.
  36. Aug 6, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is an all around enjoyable, nostalgic romp with some nice modern touches. While enjoyment of the storytelling will likely vary from character to character and from player to player, this retro-modern title is filled with sidequests, great music, slightly-hidden team banter, and a gorgeous new approach to pixel art, and is a must-play for any lover of old school JRPGs.
  37. Aug 2, 2018
    Octopath Traveller’s uniqueness lies in a journey in which we choose from where we begin and how we will proceed. It is a journey that travels us back to the golden age of JRP games that we sorely miss.
  38. Jul 18, 2018
    The whole game is full of lovingly-designed details, the eight classes are a super mix of standard and new ideas and the stories of the characters are so thrilling that I could not wait to get to the next village.
  39. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler manages to remain faithful to the glorious past of the JRPG genre without feeling outdated.
  40. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler feels like a gem from the golden age of JRPGs that is something I've been craving with stunning visuals, music that deserves a vinyl release, and so much more.
  41. Jul 24, 2018
    Captivating old-school RPG with an extensive turnbased battle system and stunning artdesign, but also quite some grind and varying quality in the storytelling for the eight protagonists.
  42. 80
    In large part, Octopath Traveler has thought of everything to make the quintessential Super Nintendo JRPG. The end result is a magical experience that any JRPG lover would love.
  43. Aug 15, 2018
    A very solid and engaging game. While the narrative is not all that involved, the combat and world exploration are a great deal of fun. My only hope is that more developers are allowed to explore similarly different approaches to gameplay, as this game only goes to show how much more gaming has to offer and that the Switch’s real strength is in encouraging functional rather than technological innovation.
  44. Games Master UK
    Aug 9, 2018
    With a gorgeous retro-modern look and deep battle system, it's the best old-school JRPG for Switch. [Issue#333, p.58]
  45. Aug 5, 2018
    With a less tiresome structure and more interesting narratives, Octopath Traveler could have been an outstanding RPG, but even as is, it's a very good one. It's exceedingly rare that any combat system can remain interesting throughout the sometimes gargantuan lengths of these games, but the system here has done just that. Thanks to the abundance of freedom provided to the player and the design of them fights themselves, it's a joy to fiddle with everything the game has to offer, particularly if you're already wired to obsess over that sort of thing. Octopath Traveler does not in excel in every area it pursues, but the ones in which it does shine strongly.
  46. Jul 30, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a gorgeous modern JRPG with a great combat system. Unfortunately, a messy and lackluster narrative progression slightly sours the experience.
  47. Jul 26, 2018
    While there are problems with the structure and overall narrative, there’s no denying that Octopath Traveler is an alluring adventure and one of the better RPGs on the Nintendo Switch.
  48. Jul 26, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a grower, and one which takes a good while to reach full swing. The reward for the perseverance is a beautiful world and enough story to shake a stick at, but not a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.
  49. Jul 26, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a wonderful collection of adventures and stories, but the quirk of storytelling that lends it its name is both its greatest strength and weakness. While the turn-based combat and ‘breaking’ enemies makes practically every battle engaging, the eight tales this game tells don’t really feel like they need to be told together. It’s a little unbalanced because of this, but this remains a charming, beguiling JRPG.
  50. Jul 21, 2018
    Octopath Traveler's attempt to balance new and old JRPG mechanics is impressive, and mostly successful. There's a charming one-of-a-kind title here that opts to talk about eight characters instead of focusing on one team, one world, and one story. Does this unusual method of storytelling work? I think so, but personal preferences will vary. Some over-long boss fights and questionable dedication to certain retro mechanics mar Octopath a bit, but if you own a Switch and love JRPGs, adopt this fluffy, lovely snow leopard of a game for your own.
  51. Jul 20, 2018
    How much you will enjoy Octopath Traveler depends on what kind of JRPG player you are. Are you here for the story and characters, or are you the kind of gamer that loves maxing out stats and dealing massive damage? If it's the latter, Octopath Traveler is perfect for you. If it's the former? Well, sadly, you might get tired of it, but it's still a fun JRPG that can last you for hours.
  52. Jul 18, 2018
    Octopath Traveler almost feels like a game from an alternate timeline – one in which titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI gave rise to a continuing lineage of RPGs that never strayed far from their 16-bit roots. Yes, Octopath Traveler occasionally adheres too closely to antiquated ideas, but with its retro charm and inventive combat, it also takes exciting leaps you won’t see anywhere else.
  53. Jul 17, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is something special: the game does not look like SNES classics, but it reminds us of those times. It is nostalgic with a touch of modern life.
  54. 80
    Octopath Traveler isn’t perfect, but its major faults mostly pertain to the story. Beyond that, the game looks beautiful in a distinct way, interacting with NPCs in the game world is goofy fun, and the combat system is a multifaceted and rewarding revamp of Square Enix’s previous offerings. When you put it all together, Octopath Traveler is an engaging RPG with a unique identity that it can be proud of, even if its narrative falls far short of Square’s other classics.
  55. Jul 15, 2018
    It weaves poignant tales you’d likely hear from travelling dramatic troupes, ones often expressing lament, in fantasy books of old and directs them into a new format for the modern gaming age.
  56. Jul 13, 2018
    Not only did the game offer the same turn-based battles and strategies that I love, it even sports the same 2D sprites that I remember playing while slurping down HI-C juice boxes and eating Dunkaroos. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked.
  57. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is not a perfect title, the fragmented narrative and certain predictable mechanisms in the progression system could make many people turn up their noses. Nevertheless it remains a unique RPG, able to combine the nostalgic charm of the classics with a modern and captivating writing.
  58. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a magnificent experience, but its story structure holds it back from being a truly amazing game.
  59. Jul 12, 2018
    With eight characters and eight stories to be told, your adventure across the wondrous world of Osterra is breathtaking.
  60. Jul 12, 2018
    This is an amazing ode to classic JRPGs. Thanks to a few tactical tricks and an amazing exterior it's worth being its own game.
  61. Jul 12, 2018
    Unfortunately, certain failures in the narrative, in its structure and in the design of levels, with disappointingly short and simple dungeons, prevent it from achieving the excellence it was striving for, which does not mean that it's not a totally recommendable product for any fan of the genre who misses the more classic conventions with a touch of modernity.
  62. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a deep, diverse, interesting, sometimes risque and sometimes funny JRPG that you should play.
  63. Jul 12, 2018
    A fantastic balancing act between old and new, creating a Japanese role-player that’s full of charm, innovative ideas, and clever nods to the past.
  64. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler succeeds where other classically-styled RPGs fail: the presentation is spot-on, the combat is addictive, and the potential for party customization is tremendous. Small stumbles with dialog and framerate can be forgiven simply because the rest of the game is an absolute delight. This is an experience that players can easily get lost in for dozens of hours, and it's sure to be counted among the best Nintendo Switch exclusives released to date.
  65. Jul 12, 2018
    You're treated to one of the most interesting and effective re-imaginings of a retro aesthetic around. Octopath will likely be a divisive game due to its fractured storytelling, but it's one worth playing despite its lesser qualities. Its high points are simply too good to ignore.
  66. Jul 12, 2018
    Ocotpath Traveler is a strong entry to the old-school J-RPG genre, even though its classicism may forbid it from reach the greatest titles its taking inspiration from. As simple as solid, this retro adventure features enough mechanics to offer a deep fighting system, well-balanced and which brilliantly avoids countless leveling sessions. Too bad Octopath Traveler's narrative simply serves us eight not-so-connected stories, otherwise it could have been an instant classic.
  67. 80
    Octopath Traveler is truly a charming and wonderful J-RPG that has reminded me that there's still a place for old classics. Some might call it dated, I'd call it ageless and even peerless when held up against a recent generation of watered down, Westernised role-playing games. Square Enix delivers a nuanced, tactical game and an endearing cast to boot.
  68. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a marvelous JRPG that will throw the players into eight individual story lines and allow for a long, rewarding exploration with a stunnning visual background and a fantastic soundtrack. While it takes a while until its qualities really become visible, this is certainly an essential game for fans of classic RPG formulas.
  69. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a small triumph in that it mostly delivers on its promise to give us eight stories worth seeing through.
  70. Edge Magazine
    Aug 16, 2018
    For better and worse, Octopath Traveler manages to evoke the games its creators grew up with, without ever quite matching the profusion of new ideas that made them so beloved in the first place. There's still much to enjoy here, but if Acquire had shared the courage of its protagonists' convictions, this could have been a journey worth making eight times over. [Issue#323, p.104]
  71. games(TM)
    Aug 9, 2018
    Beautiful, but hampered by lackluster storytelling. [Issue#203, p.76]
  72. Aug 1, 2018
    Octopath Traveler delivers incredible music and engaging gameplay, but the play structure sometimes becomes a bit tiring, even though the stories themselves are interesting.
  73. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a gem of an RPG with genuinely brilliant battle mechanics and a world worthy of celebration, but it’s hamstrung by an ambitious structure that doesn’t suit its narrative ambition.
  74. Jul 12, 2018
    I really want to love Ocopath Traveler, but the messy nature of its story presentation is ultimately an enormous weakness. That stands out, but this game is also truly one of the most intriguing evolutions of the 'golden age' RPG formula out of Japan, managing to both build on and pay homage to the classics.
  75. Jul 12, 2018
    As gorgeous as it looks and sounds, Octopath Traveler is a disjointed mess of different features, mechanics and narratives that kind of work individually but not really together.
  76. Aug 8, 2018
    If you’re just here for the combat and don’t mind a bad story, or if you’re looking to soak up the nostalgia of the golden age of the genre for hours on-end, there might be enough here to justify a purchase. It was perhaps too much to expect that Octopath Traveler would compete with the JRPG greats, as sadly it misses the mark in understanding the nuances of what made those titles so iconic.
  77. Aug 2, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a beautiful adventure that feels like the retro trip it desperately trying to be. But the design does very little to surprise us, the result being that the game starts to be very repetitive after ten hours or so.
  78. Jul 19, 2018
    For a game whose title seems to promise a winding journey of deep and dangerous discoveries, Octopath Traveler goes out of its way to put you on the most predictable and comforting of paths.
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  1. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is the kind of game that gets hand-waved aside as being for "the old school", but that's to overlook its charismatic innovations in battle and the curious, detached, even austere construction of its narrative. [Recommended]
  2. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a beautiful game with one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard. The combat system rocks and will hopefully be used in more Square Enix games to come. There are plenty of good ideas in here. But the game is too grindy, too repetitive, too full of structural problems to be viewed as much more than another botched JRPG experiment.
  3. Jul 12, 2018
    Every element of Octopath Traveler comes together brilliantly to create a refreshing take on the genre. While it channels the spirit of old favorites, it never feels derivative. It genuinely does feel like a 16-bit RPG that has evolved into something new rather than being mere nostalgia-bait.
  4. Jul 20, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is exactly the kind of JRPG I’ve been needing. Yes please!
  5. Jul 12, 2018
    In almost every regard, Octopath Traveler has exactly what I want from a classic-style role-playing experience. It offers a huge world to explore, memorable characters to discover, challenging boss battles, and a complex series of systems that let you customize your explorers. And it’s a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch, as you can absentmindedly grind for experience on the go and then soak in the beautiful visuals and soundtrack on your couch. It’s classic Final Fantasy reimagined for 2018. I just wish it felt more cohesive.
  6. Jul 12, 2018
    Octopath Traveler is a delightful JRPG that takes plentiful inspiration from the classics that inspired it while carving a new path with fun, inventive ideas I’ve never seen before. Its satisfying and methodical combat system is complimented by a world that’s brimming with life. Whether its through its sprawling cities of richly written characters, there’s plenty here for hardcore and casual fans of the genre to appreciate.
  7. Jul 12, 2018
    A beautiful, challenging and often utterly brilliant throwback to the golden age of Japanese RPGs that somehow scuppers its chances of being a true classic through an ambitious but ultimately flawed narrative structure.
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  1. Jul 13, 2018
    Played a fair amount of the game as of now. The character designs, stories, and graphics are what make Octopath Traveler the unique game thatPlayed a fair amount of the game as of now. The character designs, stories, and graphics are what make Octopath Traveler the unique game that it is. I have yet to complete the entire game but I am excited to dive further into the game and learn more about the different paths you take within the game. A must have for any JRPG fan and I highly recommend giving this game a try (Try the demo) even if you haven't played/like JRPGs. I'm sure it'll change your mind. A great quality game from a great quality company. Hope to see more gems like this in the future. Full Review »
  2. Jul 15, 2018
    Unfortunately, the biggest flaw with this game is the fact that you're not playing 1 overaching story with 8 contributing paths, but 8Unfortunately, the biggest flaw with this game is the fact that you're not playing 1 overaching story with 8 contributing paths, but 8 parallel paths that really don't have much to do with each other and literally no interaction between the characters. You're not playing with a party of adventurers so much as a group of strangers silently hanging out together. In a game that gets half of its merit from story alone, this is a bit of a failure. The characters by themselves are fairly interesting with decent stories to them, but that just makes the lack of connection all the more frustrating.

    However, If you're looking for old school JRPG, that's what you're getting. But beware, there have been A LOT of "quality of life" upgrades RPGs have gained over the years that this game deliberately leaves out, to be more like the older games. Fights are very repetitive, menus are needlessly complex, the story is slow, and you're going to have to grind A LOT. If you're looking for all of that, which is what us older folks knew growing up, you'll be pleased. If you're a youngin' whipper snapper, this probably isn't the game for you. As an adult that grew up on these games with relatively little free time now, I'm torn. I want to like this, but I don't want to devote my life to it and the failing of the story to unite these individually interesting characters really ruins the momentum I had to play it. Buy at your own risk.
    Full Review »
  3. Jul 13, 2018
    Got this game yesterday, so one day early, and yeah I don’t like the game so much. As much as the graphics are supposed to be nostalgic, andGot this game yesterday, so one day early, and yeah I don’t like the game so much. As much as the graphics are supposed to be nostalgic, and it isn’t made for everyone, I just don’t like the graphics at all. The game really isn’t as fun as everyone else was hyping it up to be. The fault is mine, I should’ve tried the demo first. Wish I would’ve saved my money Full Review »