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  1. 80
    Upon completing INK, I felt as one does after enjoying a perfectly-cooked steak: satisfied and satiated. In this case, I do want more, but not because INK didn’t give me enough. Rather, it gave me exactly what I wanted; this time, with a splash of colour.
  2. Jun 25, 2018
    Replace the blood and brutality of Super Meat Boy with paint, add invisible levels and marginally tone down the difficulty, and what you have is INK. The practical use of the featured art style is a novel idea, but somehow the title still lacks a distinctive sense of character - even with all the vivid colours on display. What’s left is a streamlined but more basic fast-paced platform game that does a competent job recreating the same types of experiences we’ve seen in the past, requiring twitch-like reflexes and pinpoint accuracy.
  3. Jul 9, 2018
    INK is a highly enjoyable platformer with a strong core mechanic of inking platforms in order to progress. Sadly, there's just not enough of it, and most players will breeze through it in just a few hours.
  4. Aug 17, 2018
    The bright splashes of paint really stand out against the black background, and they give the game a look and feel that make it seem like a relic from the early ‘90s. The gameplay, however, is of a much more modern vintage — and, unfortunately, it doesn’t compare well to its contemporaries. INK may be more visually appealing than its competition, but it doesn’t play nearly as well.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 2
  2. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. Sep 12, 2018
    INK is a stripped down variant of Super Meat Boy with a twist. When a new level is first entered the player has little to no knowledge of theINK is a stripped down variant of Super Meat Boy with a twist. When a new level is first entered the player has little to no knowledge of the layout and must move and double jump (which spatters some ink) to reveal the environment. Unlike Super Meat Boy, however, the controls are less forgiving and the player doesn't always feel as if they are in complete control. This seems to add some difficulty which leaves the player at times feeling that their failure isn't entirely due to their ability, but some variant of luck as well. Due to the lower price compared with other games of this genre on the switch I feel that this game is worth a try if you are interested in these types of games. Expand
  2. Jun 20, 2018
    [TL; DR]
    INK is a 2D platform game in the style of Celeste or Super Meat Boy, the novelty here is that we should explore painting an
    [TL; DR]
    INK is a 2D platform game in the style of Celeste or Super Meat Boy, the novelty here is that we should explore painting an invisible scenery, we throw paint when jumping or walking the platforms.

    Striking colors, nice soundtrack, interesting proposal, but mediocre sound effects, poor level design, frustrating drive, some bugs and 2hs long campaign. We're talking about a 4/10, understand why.

    Soon in the first "brushstroke" we noticed the move is too light, I don't know if this was intended to make it difficult (even more) the game or if adjustments were missing here. Sometimes the task of climbing a platform becomes frustrating because of the very fast movement. This frustration is softened as we get used to the controls, but even in the final stages this remains a problem.

    We can walk, jump and double jump, in double jump or walking on a platform we release pigments of tub that reveals the region that touches.

    It is possible to play for 2 people, but I have not tested it.

    Other problems:
    Sometimes when touch on the platform the double jump is not recharged (bug?). Performing the double jump close to the wall makes the character give an automatic dash, we always go the direction we do not want! (bad polishing?)

    Frustrating gameplay: 4/10

    The level design of this game is very amateur, the player does not receive any upgrade at any time and this is not compensated with introduction of new mechanics in the game. It is certain that new obstacles are emerging with each chapter, such as guided shooting, unlocked areas with keys and traps (all identical to Super Meat Boy), the innovation here would be to discover the map by painting, the problem that this mechanic is identical from the first to the final boss, It does not have areas that are not painted, different paints or whatever, this innovation was just a simple idea that was not well worked. In the other words, it's a low budget Super Meat Boy.

    A good idea, but poor execution: 3/10

    The soundtrack is enjoyable, however it becomes annoying with its short songs and repetition and repetition and repetition, since there is only 1 song per "chapter". To make matters worse, the sound effects are even more annoying, the will is to put everything in the mute and follow the game.

    Sounds are not pleasant: 4/10

    What story? There's no ink for history here

    [Visual Effect]
    Apart from the effects of colored paints, the game has no effect whatsoever.

    Despite the lack of effects, the inks are cute: 5/10

    This game could be a masterpiece, but do not pass a 2D platform game too simple.