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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Jun 18, 2018
    Unravel Two is just a pleasure to play. There is enough personality, charm, challenge, and life in this game to deem it a far better improvement over the original. The two-player complexity was a tough sell, but well worth the buy once you get into it.
  2. Jun 21, 2018
    Unravel 2 is more than just a puzzle game. It’s a journey of working with someone, sometimes that someone being yourself, and going on a journey that will change you. It’s a marvel how the developers evoked such feeling out of this slick combination of gameplay and visual storytelling, even one without words. Like me, it will leave you speechless at the end.
  3. Jun 14, 2018
    When it’s not challenging your reflexes it’s challenging your brain. And when it’s doing neither of those, it’s tugging on your heart. It’s a game that’s masterfully created, building on the gameplay offered in its predecessor but making it more punchy and enjoyable. But more importantly, it doesn’t compromise the single-player experience by adding in Yarny’s new friend; it simply enriches it.
  4. Jun 13, 2018
    Unravel Two is everything a sequel should be. It stays true to the original but adds co-op which allows you to play and experiment together as you find your path through the beautiful environments. Unravel was already a very enjoyable game, but with co-op feeling as natural in this game as it does, Unravel Two is a delightful playground for fans of puzzle platformers.
  5. Jun 12, 2018
    When it comes to impressive video game sequels, Unravel Two is up there with the best. Its awe-inspiring world and pitch-perfect gameplay make it one of the best 2D platformers ever created. I can't wait for Unravel Three.
  6. Jun 12, 2018
    Frankly, Unravel Two is honestly just as enjoyable as the first Unravel, only instead of leaning heavily on the feels from a story perspective, it has upped the quality of its platforming. I would have loved for them to have found a way to highlight both sides of the equation, but based on my 4-5 hours of playtime, if one side had to fall even a little, they chose the right one. Unravel Two is a glorious little game and you’ll be better off having played it than not.
  7. Jul 5, 2018
    A whole lot of charm packed into a tiny little title, Unravel Two is an easy recommend for both fans of adventure titles and puzzle/platformers with cutesy protagonists.
  8. Jun 18, 2018
    I immediately fell in love with Yarny and his companion, and the puzzles and platforming were consistently solid. It’s unfortunate the story was sidelined a bit, but the implantation of couch co-op surely helps makes up for it.
  9. Jun 18, 2018
    Unravel is back with a beautiful, light-hearted adventure that adds an excellent coop mode. It also offers extra levels that are great for those looking for a challenge.
  10. 85
    The introduction of cooperative mechanics proved to be just enough change to keep things fresh, while still preserving what made the original so special.
  11. Jun 12, 2018
    While its core story might not have the emotional punch of the original, Unravel Two improves upon the original in every other respect. The platforming is more responsive and demanding, while the puzzles are far more inventive and satisfying to solve, which is largely due to the excellent implementation of a second character and co-op. It still works as a solo adventure, but is far more enjoyable if played with a partner.
  12. Jun 26, 2018
    Unravel Two marks a little, but clear evolution from the first game while adding a second, playable character. The game keeps on looking gorgeous and, despite improving almost all of its physics and mechanics, the game dissolves the difficulty it was previously known for.
  13. Sep 12, 2018
    Unravel Two is a fairly compact jaunt with only seven levels and some optional challenges for those who want them, but I found it to be the perfect length for what it is. The runtime offers a satisfying array of puzzles that function equally as well with one player as they do for two, it’s stunning to look at, a pleasure to listen to, and although they might not be ranked alongside other videogame luminaries, I adore yarnies. I’m not sure if a third game is in the cards considering how quickly Unravel Two was forgotten, but if so, I’d be more than happy to go on an adventure with them again.
  14. Aug 2, 2018
    Unravel Two may not be as surprising as its predecessor, but it’s a better game in every aspect. The addition of a second playable characters feels fresh, and the game design feels more responsive this time.
  15. Jul 23, 2018
    Unravel Two is one of the finest puzzle platformers and couch co-op games in 2018.
  16. Jun 29, 2018
    The puzzles are a blast, the graphics and environments are jaw-dropping, and little bonuses such as the challenge levels provide a good incentive to keep coming back for a while. It may not hit the same emotional heights as before, but the latest outing for our stringy heroes is one that cements them as the stars of a classic franchise in the indie gaming scene, so don’t miss it.
  17. Jun 29, 2018
    Unravel Two offers some good new ideas and has the good taste to be equally playable alone or with a friend. But the magic can’t happen twice and Unravel Two sometimes feels repetitive and predictable.
  18. Jun 27, 2018
    Unravel Two appears to be a real treat for your eyes and ears, as well as its predecessor. The possibility to control two Yarnys, alone or with a friend, is a real addition to this poetic journey. The seven levels of the main story can be completed really fast but the extra missions extend the experience for the players seeking for some challenge.
  19. Jun 22, 2018
    With thoughtful gameplay, seamless co-op, a breezy campaign, and challenges geared towards gameplay masters, Unravel Two delivers a strong platforming experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you want a unique side-scroller to play alone or a teamwork-emphasizing experience to play with a friend, this is worth a look.
  20. Jun 22, 2018
    Twice the fun and twice the experience, Unravel 2 is not just the mandatory sequel, but one that proposes something new as two characters this time. A cooperation game that can be played in single-player and multiplayer, the local 2 player Coop is the best part alongside with the graphics. Maybe it is a little unbalanced in the puzzles department, a little short and it doesn't have that fresh of the first part, but Unravel 2 is a game with a little soul inside, so don't rush, just stop from time to time to watch the backgrounds. There's no hurry to get through the game.
  21. Jun 21, 2018
    Unravel Two is a good adventure platform games with a clever puzzle design, inspired by co-op gameplay mechanics, but it is very similar to the first one too.
  22. Jun 19, 2018
    As good as the charming first chapter, with a coop twist and some clever bonuses. Get ready to get your heart melted again.
  23. Jun 19, 2018
    With its charming yarnlings and a newfound style of platforming, Unravel Two remains welcoming even at its most foreboding.
  24. Jun 19, 2018
    Unravel Two is a fantastic successor to the original and the ultimate proof that you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel in a sequel. The addition of a second playable character and slight speed boost are all Unravel needed to elevate itself from a good game to a great one.
  25. Jun 12, 2018
    Unravel Two is equally as good as the emotionally pleasing original. The platforming may still be spotty, and some of the puzzles may not present players with much difficulty, but at least frustration doesn't set in because of viable attach points hiding in plain sight. The story may not be as powerful as the original, but the addition of co-op play makes up for that and offers new experiences. In the end, Unravel Two is a great title for platforming fans.
  26. Jun 11, 2018
    Unravel Two may not have been at the top of players’ wishlists, even those who enjoyed the first, but the addition of co-op breathes fresh air into its yarn-based platforming. There’s still not a whole lot of content here, and its additional Challenge levels will ultimately depend on if you’re desperate to put your skills to the test, but if you want to embark on another platforming adventure, you could do a lot worse than Unravel Two.
  27. Jun 15, 2018
    Unravel Two cannot rely on the originality of the first episode and gives up on some aspects that could have made the challenge a little more consistent, but in any case it does a great job as a sequel.
  28. Jun 14, 2018
    Unravel Two is a good platform game, full of puzzles, sometimes to easy. The atmosphere is dreamy, but the first chapter was more fresh.
  29. Jun 12, 2018
    Unravel Two is more beautiful to see and richer on the side of content, but at the same time it lacks that creative verve that its predecessor had courageously brought with it.
  30. Jun 15, 2018
    Unravel Two offers the same formula, a mix of platform and puzzle games, but now you can enjoy it in local co-op. Is that enough for a sequel? Maybe for some, but if you played the original, you'll feel that it's a little bit more of the same, that there is not much new at all. Even the graphics feels very similar.
  31. Jul 18, 2018
    Unravel Two changes the formula in ways it improves the game, but diminishes the strong atmosphere. So it's a win-lose situation. But fear not, it is still a great game -AND you can enjoy it with a friend, in an all new co-op mode. It deserves the third installment, fair and square.
  32. Jul 6, 2018
    Co-op may be a very fitting inclusion (albeit without supporting online co-op, rather disappointingly), but Unravel Two nevertheless feels more like an expansion rather than a true sequel. It is still a quite pretty experience, but there is a prevalent lack of variety in environmental riddles and platforming, most of which we already seen in the first part anyway.
  33. Jun 26, 2018
    Unravel Two offers solid gameplay a little bit too similar to the original with the added element of co-op. The audiovisual aspect deserves some recognition because the game looks and sounds great. The sequel obviously lacks the originality of the first game especially because many levels will feel familiar to those who played the first Unravel. The story isn't all that great either.
  34. Jun 24, 2018
    Unravel Two improves its concept with co-op play and a very good level-design but suffers from a lack of consistency especially in the challenge it offers and its visuals. A worthy game nonetheless.
  35. Jun 14, 2018
    If you enjoyed the original it's certainly worth going back for more, but there's not enough for returning players that weren't enamoured by its predecessor.
  36. Games Master UK
    Aug 9, 2018
    It is a lovely tale for two, designed to bring you together rather than tear you apart and perfectly paced thanks to the handy hint system. [Issue#333, p.81]
  37. CD-Action
    Sep 27, 2018
    Unravel blossoms in co-op, which additionally alleviates one of game’s problems – again interactive elements in the environment are often hard to spot (especially under pressure), so second pair of eyes helps. Other than co-op it’s more of the same (sometimes I even wondered if I saw a particular level before), but still I enjoyed it more than the original game, even if the first Unravel’s visuals were more impressive when it came out. [08/2018, p.61]
  38. games(TM)
    Aug 9, 2018
    For something light and enjoyable, we would certainly recommend it, but don't expect this one to reach down and really grab a hold of your soul. [Issue#203, p.78]
  39. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 31, 2018
    Though its story lacks the same emotional punch as its predecessor, this sequel is certainly still worth getting tangled up in either alone or with a friend. [Issue#152, p.86]
  40. Edge Magazine
    Jul 19, 2018
    For all its incongruousness, it prompts a set-piece so joyous and liberating that it's hard to mind. [Issue#322, p.116]
  41. Jul 13, 2018
    Unravel Two feels more like a cooperative spinoff embedded in the same world than a perfectly polished continuation of the amazing first game. Its fun basics are still working smoothly, only the the game doesn’t work with them in an interesting way and doesn’t move them any further.
  42. Jul 3, 2018
    Adding another Yarny makes this game feel less personal than the first. It is fun to play with someone else, though its not the puzzles that steal the show: the amazing journey through Scandinavian nature is what really makes Unravel 2 a joy.
  43. Jun 29, 2018
    Unravel Two is a clever and endearing take on the original’s formula, but doesn’t come through on its cooperative premise.
  44. Jun 19, 2018
    Unravel Two has a more rich and funny gameplay, but lacks of the sensorial experience of the first chapter.
  45. Jun 14, 2018
    I don’t regret having played this, but I do wish it was better. I love playing co-op games and I was excited by the idea of this minimalist platformer giving me an experience to bond over. Sadly, we both were pretty much in agreement on the final outcome. Unravel Two just doesn’t quite have what it takes to be special.
  46. Jun 14, 2018
    In introducing cooperative multiplayer, it has opened up an entirely new way to experience the adorable conceit of yarn characters making their way through a gigantic human world – but in freeing up movement and removing some of the friction, it has lost a little of the original’s focus and heart.
  47. 60
    Cooperative gameplay and challenge levels seems to have led to a lack of charm in this follow-up.
  48. Jul 27, 2018
    Charming and beautiful, Unravel Two does have some bright spots. However, those spots are few and far between thanks to some clunky platforming and dull puzzles throughout.
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  1. Jun 18, 2018
    If you’re looking for a game to enjoy with the people you care about, I’m happy to recommend Unravel 2. It’s an agreeable, friendly, sometimes challenging world that encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 92 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 13 out of 92
  1. Jun 9, 2018
    Unravel Two
    a bit of a step back
    Unravel Two is a 4 hour long puzzle platformer that can be played both single player as well as co op…
    Unravel Two
    a bit of a step back
    Unravel Two is a 4 hour long puzzle platformer that can be played both single player as well as co op…
    Either way here youll be controlling two characters.. characters than can be customized
    and if youre playing solo you can pick the other character up and carry them with you so it isn’t an annoying switching back and forth inching towards level progressing
    you use these characters as support for eachother to overcome every obstacle thrown at you..
    of course theres a warm message here.. this is an unravel game..
    I feel though that Unravel Two is much less warm than the first game
    there is no sweet old lady here to put pictures in a scrap book and make you cry, this time you’re following two teens through their journey together..
    The first game to me felt like a heart warming passion project where every level was stitched together by hand… Unravel Two on the other hand felt more like just a game.. though that’s not to say its without charm, it has its charm.. it just has a lot to live up to considering the first unravel is my favorite puzzle platforming game of all time
    This game consists of 7 chapters as well as 20 optional challenge levels where your goal is to rescue a yarn friend…
    The 7 chapters here to me felt a little too samey..
    the first game every level was memorable ,it was alive and different..
    here ill probably remember nothing but the turkey sequence..
    theres much less bringing the background and world to life here which is disappointing…
    its not fair to critique as this isn’t something I would notice if it didn’t have the name unravel attached to it, but since it does it is noticed…
    you still get the same colorful levels here.. but the style and feel of these levels never change…
    the puzzle solving here is also dumbed down making this feel mire like a momentum based game than a stop and think game it is a bunch of using each other to swing to locations, hold items so the other can jump, and distracting…
    its best if you think of this game less as an unravel sequel and more of a co op game set in the unravel world…
    it just doesn’t live up to the first game but as a stand alone title that has nothing to do with the first game story wise.. there is tons of charm here, there is care put into the animations, there are a couple of puzzle that stumped me for a couple seconds, though there is an optional hint system here…
    there are collectables here as well but again back to momentum, the levels aren’t really designed this time to explore like they were in the first game, so youll spot a lot of them as you run through naturally.
    The music is beautiful and this game still brings its levels to life better than any other game out there not including the first unravel of course…
    these levels are living and breathing.. they feel real… you feel like youre a little yarn person running through the forest or through a factory…
    Theres an insane amount of care and polish here.. there there is an annoying invisible wall thing going on during a platforming section that’s just infuriating.. I had to use the games slow mo mechanic to get past it…
    I really want to see this series continue so I hope unravel two does well…
    if we do get an unravel 3 I hope it goes back to the solo play of the first game where you had to actually manage the yarn and be more clever…
    this was a nice pallet cleanser but give me the real thing again
    I give Unravel Two
    a 7.5/10
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  2. Jun 11, 2018
    I was so excited when EA announced on Saturday that there was going to be a new Unravel and even more excited when I got to buy it straightI was so excited when EA announced on Saturday that there was going to be a new Unravel and even more excited when I got to buy it straight away. It is an absolutely beautiful game, as good as if not better than the first. The platforming is improved in my opinion, the puzzles are more varied, the tutorial more in-depth (OK maybe a little long) - and the spark that guides you is perfect. BUT the best thing is I get to play this with my 8 year old daughter. With Unravel 1 we played separately - each finishing the whole game in separate play sessions. In Unravel 2 we play together, sometimes we race each other, but all of the time we figure the puzzles out together, deciding what role each of us will play in solving the puzzle - and we laugh at the situations we get ourselves into. And we help each other, I am not as good as her at the side to side jumping - so often she grabs me on my back. It's super fun. The game can be played like that all the way through but we prefer to play in co-op. We love the music and the settings to. And now we are on the bonus levels. it is a wonderful game. Full Review »
  3. Jun 10, 2018
    Outside environments still look stunning, inside is again not as great visually, that game is a tad short and feels quite a bit easier thanOutside environments still look stunning, inside is again not as great visually, that game is a tad short and feels quite a bit easier than the first one. The challenge levels are an immense increase in difficulty and get frustrating quickly. Also the Story is not as memorable. That said, it is still very charming and a lot of fun. Full Review »