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  1. Dec 23, 2018
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very immersive, Very fun, very exhausting...and very very very very very very short campaign. As soon as I had my first fight I was sold. I was looking forward to progress my boxer and my career. I had to stop playing on my first session because I was too exhausted from my fights and the training you do. The comments on the radio announced my upcoming fights and I felt I was at the beginning of my career when I beat "the tiger" and had to face the "soon to be retired guy". The radio talked about a champion who was waiting for a challenge after that guy retirement and I thought that challenge would be me.

    Then, I receive a call from my wife telling me that I had done something the night before but I couldn't remember and then I'm transported back in time to fight a bar bouncer. That was fun and I thought it was the beginning of a side story close to the movie. I was all pump up to rise to glory when suddenly.... the game tells me that was my last fight and the campaign was over. WHAT???? I ONLY FACED 6 BOXERS???

    All the review tells you that the campaign is short but common on! 6 fighters. It's not like each fight demands a long scenario to be written! I must admit that the training was becoming a bit repetitive and soon it would have become tiresome but I was so disappointed about the lack of content in the campaign that it took me a good week to get back to it.

    Yesterday I would have score that game a 3 but fortunately I slept on it and told myself that it was still a very good game and there is plenty of content to fight for. The simulator is good. It doesn't do you any good to throw punches after punches. You need to protect, avoid big punches and throw punches at the right time. I even raised my hands in triumph after a particular long combat because I felt I had worked for it. But when I buy a game called "Creed" related to the Rocky's movie, I intend to get a game that feels like a movie with a storytelling of some sort and when your wife calls you, you think this is what you're getting. But nope! It's like they wanted to do that sort of game but ran out of money.

    I would have played that game longer if it would have had a good story to follow because the simulation part of it is excellent. Having at least 20 boxers to face in the campaign would have put that game at the top of all VR game I have. For now I can barely recommend it...but I do just because, the very short time I had with it was intense and a lot of fun. I do hope DLC will come to the rescue of this game though.

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  1. Oct 5, 2018
    Creed: Rise to Glory is nearly a perfect VR boxing experience and more than worth your time if you’re looking for a new way to have fun in VR and get a solid workout in at the same time. The story and atmosphere manage to make it feel like you’re actively participating in a true underdog story that does justice to the source material while doing new and interesting things in VR.
  2. Oct 1, 2018
    For those seeking an authentic VR boxing experience, look no further than Creed: Rise to Glory. While the campaign lacks in story and length, and the fighting mechanics lean towards being arcadey, neither of these issues detract from the overall experience – as tired as you’ll get from the constant punching.
  3. Sep 25, 2018
    Survios has once again done an outstanding job, with Creed: Rise to Glory helping cement the studio as one of VR’s premium content developers. You don’t have to be into boxing to enjoy this title, and for those who enjoy VR fitness it certainly ticks all the boxes. You may lose interest in the story but there’s enough to keep most players involved for quite some time.